I am practice-led research artist who fabricates performative sound sculptures.  The sculptures assist my live performances and form a hybrid between performance, sound and sculpture.  My conceptual thought negotiates the state where objects are not yet identified and how this pre-identification feels like a metaphorical correlation to perception.  My interest lies in noise and information, and is a stimulus of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophical thought related to the two tensed cultures: the Apolline and the Dionysiac.  I conceive Apollo as information and Dionysos as noise.  By considering their tension and essence I work on the organic forms they sculpt.  My intention is to submerge their lethargic appearances and possibly re-define their nature by seizing their coexistence as if they are Siamese-twins.  I tend to explore what is in-between the layers of information and noise as if I was composing a dialogical breathing sculpture of Apollo and Dionysos.

performative sound sculptures, loops, noise, rituals, Apollo, Dionysos, horse