Circle – Planting the Sensorium

ιστ. Κύκλος – Ο κύκλος δημιουργείται, όταν μια πρόταση ή μια περίοδος αρχίζη και τελειώνη με την ίδια λέξη.

Circle – The circle is created when a sentence or a period begins and finished with the same word.

Through consecutive transparent desires of knowing the true Self of existence, an upward spiral is created, always penetrates deeper and deeper.  The truth when is said or felt from one self to the other, it becomes an objective truth, a transparency.  The perspective of one self may seem true but to the other self may seem just a desire, a prophet.  The objective truth is in a constant transformation, a constant transportation and it alternates.

Time is linear that it is felt through the senses.  It is a multi-sensory mechanism that can be seen, touched, tasted and heard.  Senses are like chords that vibrate and can be synchronised through external influences(external – internal / internal – external).  They can be treated as threads that can amuse oneself through their majestic melody.  In a more specific tunesenses are influenced from external sources and can be manually or automatically triggered, that are creating a non-stop machinery of stimuli sensations.  Though our senses work together, each sense differs from the other as they are not tuned to the same frequencies.  Time changes the body, the whole body to the very last atom.

The manifestations of sensations are influenced from what is already known from the experience of the past.  But men are cursed, they are living a life to decode all the sensations they have experienced, that they might never be able to escape.  Senses have the power to bring to the surface past experiences and influence present.  What is written cannot be deleted, so men are forced on being settled a circle which begins and ends with the same written words.

The word sensation in greek (=συγκίνηση) hides the words -συν = together and -κίνησης = movement, motion.  Through performance art, my body creates images and actions that are coming from an inner desire to express highly emotions, motivations, impulses and their styles into an externalization.  Emotions are not only created inside a particular individual but may represent projections of collective desires and needs.

My body, is in a constant communication with the environment and the viewer, and is raising an energy connection with the unspoken.  The vibrations are felt and are communicated through the understanding, the knowing Self.

– Planting the Sensorium.