Burning Sight

The burning sight of the wild seeing is drowning in me.

 The silence of the processing visionalised experience is flaming in the magnetic manifestation of the existence. 

 Somewhere, in between… 

the thread is contradicting with bodying itself, eliminating the purposes of being.  

Sensational transparencies in co-existing rituals, 

that are embodied in somatic transformations, 

where the truth lies in the emptiness of their knowledge,

 in the space between their being in mind, 

and being in another space, another universe the body creates.  

And the being, being of not being is circulating as a thunderous hurricane along side the multilayered being you have created. 

 You separated and puzzled yourself in this cognitive existence which is transforming the illusions of your being. 

 But being, what is being? 

The fire of the burning seeing is drowned in me, like recycled memories of being.  And I no longer be, I exist in my being which is not visible anymore, the parallel universes, are constituting the illusion of being in time, being in space… but the genuine wild sight is keeping me alive, interpretative itself as the mind.  

And when there is a truth lying, it chains into transformation and subjectivity which is processed with the same cognitive alteration keeping a circular movement, where the living body is experiencing, experiencing the emptiness of relying on, to the true self consciousness. 

 And then,

 the emptiness that you relied on starts to hear, and the transparent desires of exploring becomes to sensor. 

 Censoring without knowing, but it expands your being, in an openness of the being’s division in to two non-spaces. 

 It feels like, creating maps, maps of links, maps of linear lines that are expanding the space you created in your mind, and when you are experiencing the sensation of the acknowledgment of your bodily sensitivities, the shuttered presence moment, alters into absence, and the absence becomes obsession, and obsessions feeds you, it feeds your sensations and your addiction to experience and be again, in that present moment,

 pure with emptiness again,

 pure in a step forward of your eyes and mind.

Sensational moments of illusions.


Helsinki 2017