SENSORIUM SPACE proudly presented a performance art event entitled PLUS-MOTION: Live Performance Art Series featuring five internationally renowned artists, Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-SmithZierle & CarterFrancesco Kiais and PASHIAS for the PLUS-MOTION: Live Performance Art Series. The series involved 4 activities that took place at Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia on September 9 at 7pm. The artists visited Cyprus for the 3rd workshop entitled The Marathon – Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2016 took place between September  10-18, 2016 that was hosted by SENSORIUM SPACE.

PLUS-MOTION: Live Performance Art Series is influenced from the Ancient Greek word ‘συγκίνηση < αρχαία ελληνική συγκίνησις < συγκινέω-συγκινώ < σύν+κινώ’. Through performance art each artist uses their body with movement and chosen materials as objects to become elements and to create distinct and unfamiliar relationships in live performance. The action externalises, communicates and shares inner concerns and sentiments with the viewers who witness it.

The objective of each artist is to present a situation and an image has been created through the aspiration, individual perception and the sentimental charge originated in the idea process. The roles of performer and viewer can be considered to reach the outer limitations of a physical and mental exhaustion and trails of fiction and reality merge on the threshold of conventional definition.  CyBC (RIK) Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation is the Media sponsor for the cultural interventions PLUS-MOTION: Live Performance Art Series and Τhe Marathon – Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2016. 

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captured by Pavlos Vrionides