Dithyramb is a sound sculpture project that began in 2017; The idea came about during a discussion I had with a physicist on how I perceive the engagement of two people interacting with each other, the complexity their relation creates and how it assists into abstraction in thought. The prototype of this work took form in Besançon, FR during the artist residency at ISBA – Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon (2017).

For one or two performers
Stripe yourself.
Pull in the opposite direction.
Tune the keys and strengthen the strings.
Use the bow.

On January 3rd, 1889
Friedrich Nietzsche walks the streets of Turin. Not far from him there is a chariot-driver, and a horse.
The chariot-driver holds the reins
and urges the horse to move.
Fear overwhelms the horse.
The horse
The chariot-driver loses patience and begins to furiously whip the horse. Nietzsche stares at the brutal incident, runs towards the horse and
puts an end to the scene.
The driver is foaming with rage
while Nietzsche puts his arms around the horse. He weeps,
and collapses on the pavement. Nietzsche is then carried home and stays in still silence for two days.
It is just after that he whispers to
his mother’s ear
‘Mother I am stupid’.
The ten following years
his is under the care of his mother and sister. He manages to write few lucid notes and letters to Cosima Wagner and Jacob Burchardt
often signed as ‘Dionysos’.
Nietzsche never manages to fully recover.

This piece is a worship to Dionysos.

Special thanks to the Theatre Academy of University of the Arts Helsinki for all the sources, facilities and assistance throughout the project. Special thanks to Anne Lehto for developing the harness of Dithyramb.

Courtesy of the artist

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