in collaboration with Marios Messios

Hydra is an anthropomorphic creature; she communicates through sound and movement.  The mythical and human appearance she holds transform the space she is in.  Hydra constantly transitions between human and non-human; boldness and transparency.  Hydra’s behaviour is sensible, sensual, truly odd, and transformative.  The way she communicates is absurd and obscure; yet pure and authentic.  Hydra does not necessarily have sense of what a space is, or how she is perceived within a space.  This lack of sense-space is one aspect that brings out the oddness in her, as well as, her curiosity.  She is sensible and strange at the same time in a sense that you cannot actually understand how she thinks, but her strangeness captivates you.  The way she moves feels like she is already transformed, without memory, without communication.  Yet, she communicates through her dance.  Hydra’s sound communication is not aggressive but it feels like her words are anti-rhythmic. Hydra, is inspired by the mythology of Minotaur, a half-human and half-bull creature in Greek Mythology.  The mythology of Minotaur shows an aggressive creature which eats humans and is locked inside the Cretan Labyrinth until its death.  In this instance, Hydra does not resonate with the monstrous appearance, nor the aggressiveness of this mythology. 

This piece was initiated as an interactive performance in which the performer creates sounds that travel through the tubes usually as a way to choreograph communicative dialogues with the spectator.

Courtesy the artists

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