I Think in Animals II

For this work, I read parts from Noise: The Political Economy of Music (1977) written by Jacques Attali. I tried to reflect on the notion that music is a subculture of society which foremost to generate the economy. I tried to bring the attention to that of decomposition by working with noise, instead of reproducing work based on musicality. In this work I asked how musicality structures projected views, and what the organization of noise mirrors? How do these two are brought together in the context of performance? How it reflects back to how music is produced and perceived?

Curator Angeliki Chaido Tsoli writes that “Bubbly Creek reminds us about the harshness of industrial capitalism, exploitation of labour, and disproportionate concentrations of wealth in America”.


Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly
at dfbrl8r Performance Art Gallery
Chicago, United States
17 June 2019
Curated by Angeliki Chaido Tsoli

Special Thanks for the kind support by my family and the Theatre Academy – University of the Arts Helsinki, to be able to make the trip to Chicago possible.  Special thanks also, to both Angeliki Chaido Tsoli and Joseph Ravens for the great hospitality and their vibrant vibes throughout the trip.

Image Credits: Nicolina Stylianou, ‘I Think in Animals’, Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly – dfbrl8r Art Gallery, curated by Angeliki Chaido Tsoli, Chicago (IL) US, 2019. photo courtesy of James R Southard of Under-Main