Noise Traffic

A collaboration between sensorium space and station of commons
14th January 2023
Vapaan Taiteen Tila / Vilhonvuorenkuja 15-16, 00500 Helsinki

‘The sonic flesh has no dermis, no skin, but inhabits 
the possibility of the world with its own formless possibility’ 
– Salome Voegelin, 2019

Noise Traffic was a demo-event hosting a plurality of voices from local and international artists, collectives, and art communities. Its aim was to promote artistic discourses and to discuss the political possibilities of sound, voice, and performance. Noise Traffic took place on the 14th of January 2023 at Vapaan Taiteen Tila (Free Arts Space) in Helsinki and was the first one of an event series. 

In ‘Noise Traffic’, sonic flesh is an immaterial membrane holding up a complexity of sequences, and exposes the semantic infrastructures of a given context and a place. In its capacity to inhabit it also mobilises and maps out societal dimensions which are often unheard. ‘Noise Traffic’ approaches the indeterminate possibilities of the sonic flesh and reinforces the complexity of sequences of those voices that are outside of any form of representation and provides them with a playground to create their own set of rules that exist, often, as an ‘other’ world within the existing world.

line up (in alphabetical order):

Tytti Arola (FI), Ana Gutieszca (FI/MX), Forces (FI), GRM (FI/DE), Minerva Juolahti (FI), Androula Kafa (CY), Gregoire Rousseau (FI/FR), Emiddio Vasquez (CY/US), and Jukka Kääriäinen (FI).

Pop-up stands by Rab-Rab Press (, and by record label Moneda ( 

The event was streamed live on Lumbung Radio

Keywords: noise, experimental, avant-garde, sound, performance art, happenings, lectures, podcasts, radio, bunker, bats, rituals, loops, electronics, computer noise, Finnish Folk, psychedelic, techno, jazz, improv, body-sculptures, press.