Thought Compositions

‘Thought Compositions’ was a performance realised for the first time in Besançon, France under the “Excentricités VIII: Corps désirants / Corps délirants Festival” curated by Julien Cadoret & Louise Vanardois.

In this piece the public was asked to come and play with a contrabass bow and create their own compositions.  The body was in a constant relationship with the interactivity of the public; the body was in a continues tension, in order to realise the created sounds.  The only communication the body and mind had during the performance, was the bow movements that were held by the public.

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At the beginning, the public was curious to come and experience how the installation was working, and the outcomes were more experimental and pure.  After some point, the public began to create different musical compositions.  At some point the body, couldn’t handle the tension, and the movements of it became more focused and less dynamic, and that’s where the compositions began to affect the body and mind.  The relationship between the public and the body created a collaborated outcome, but someone could sense, the different effects of the tensions.

Close to the end of the performance, the public began to come towards me, even before I took the welcoming position, and the compositions started to be more intense than before, that the contrabass bow began to wear out.

Curated by Julien Cadoret & Louise Vanardois
Photographed by Zhengou Wu