Mind Split = Identical Twins II

“Hours the sisters of fates

leading conscious to preconscious

daughters of the night, of laws and power;

   measuring lengths and chance. 

symbols of associations

sensations of self incarnation.”

For this work, I projected a short movie I made earlier in the year: eye hole (2018).  I attached piezo mics on a coconut plant and placed a fan directed to it amplify its movements.  I began by asking for two participants without explaining their contribution to the work but asked them to sit down and let me blindfold them.  Later, I began to form the essence of a ritual: walking in circles and reading a text from my hand.  I massaged the feet of the participants with a hand-made oil.  The performance finished with a sound set composed live.


The performance was realised in Nicosia, Cyprus under the “Amorphous (BUZZ) Performance Art Series” at Koraï Project Space, Nicosia CY, 30 June 2018.

curated by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

curator assistant Katerina Paisi

captured by Kyriakos Kadis