Mind Split = Identical Twins

Mind Split = Identical Twins

a performance by Nicolina Stylianou

Theatre Academy Helsinki, May 2018

photograph by Aapo Juusti

This part of the project aims to collect woman’s hair to follow constructions of violin bows.  This project is followed by Thought Compositions project, which was performed in festivals (Germany, France, and Cyprus) during 2017.

The collection of hair, is inspired by notions of genes that pass through generations.  However, since I am coming from Nicosia (Cyprus), one of the few divided cities in the world, my attempt is to acknowledge the hereditary genes, in the so called epigenetic inheritance that result the transmission of a trauma to a child.  Mind Split – Identical Twins, acts like a virus, as a philosophical concept, where it invades one’s system and changes it’s history forever.

In many cultures, hair for women, is a sign of beauty, prestige, purity and dignity.  When a woman cut her hair, is usually a sign of a traumatic experience, that may have changed her life completely.

Inspired by Judith Thomson’s violinist thought experiment, which in itself, draws attention to moral concerns regarding abortion, and the right of life of the innocent,  Mind Split – Identical Twins plan, is to take the hair collected, and create women hair’s violin bows as mentioned above.

Apart from notions of cultural histories, identity, moral rights, the project takes into consideration Moirae from Greek Mythology who were responsible for the lives of the mortal beings, interacting with past, present, and future.  Moirae, in Greek Mythology had the power, and choice to end one’s life.