OFF is a durational performance installation about a power cut. The work will take place in Tiivistämö, Suvilahti. Power cuts occur in the duration of the work in the space and they also serve as the philosophical framework. The backgrond material for the work has been philosopher Jane Bennett’s book Vibrant Matter which researches the non-human agency of matter and things.

OFF is a study into the world of electricity where humans comprehend their being through visual experiences and thinking processes and proposes other ways to be in the world.

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Power cuts generate a possibility to become aware of the non-human systems and beings in the world. The invention of the electric grid has marked the beginning of the industrialized world, which means it does not only light rooms and houses, but it also has a role of maintaining the progress of western capitalistic system.

OFF generates and proposes ephemereal performative and installative ecologies which are not necessarily built upon human intent. They are not maintained or forced into their form. OFF is 12 hours long and the spectators are free to move around the space and leave when they want to.

The work includes many looped power cuts, during which the space will be almost dark. There will remain some light spots in the space all the time.

The work does not include strong flashing lights.

Working group
Milka Luhtaniemi, Joonas Siren, Nicolina Stylianou, Elena Rekola

Supported by
Arts Promotion Center Finland