True Pass is about floating ungrounded as part of aural dimensions of electricity – on a threshold of being its organismic creator and mediator.

The performance draws an ecstatic schematic diagram of embedded systems through the sense of hearing on focus – and yet remaining unfinished and inadequate. Practice is to play with the body as (a user)interface for the auditive realm of low-tech live electronics, soundscapes of physical materials and their movement in space. Thematic wrinkle flirt with the conceptualization of sound technology and at the same time opens questions towards a philosophy of electricity.

The working group have been exploring sound and its performativity through wearable experimental instruments and interest variate from philosophy, psychology, mythology and fiction, narration and noise, to the avant-garde Happenings of the 1960s.

Working group
Concept and live electronics: Jouni Ilari Tapio (MA program in Sound Design, Artistic thesis for Master of Arts)
Artistic collaboration and performance: Nicolina Stylianou (guest), Suvi Tuominen (guest), Jouni Ilari Tapio
Dramaturg: Louna-Tuuli Luukka (guest)
Supervisor: Gesa Piper
Producer: Aliisa Kattelus