Waves, Body, and Disturbing Overtones

Waves, Body and Disturbing Overtonesfocused on the relationship between one’s sensory stimuli and the indeterminate that co-exists in the co-dependency of the body and the technological instruments. Often, the nuances of sound exist in places where they shouldn’t and thus educe bodily enhancements or disturbances in one’s body, hosting unfamiliar experiential references. Derek Holzer explored vintage audiovisual synthesis technology used by schools, electronic music studios, television, radio, and various composers in Swedenduring the 1960s and 1970s. Mihalis Shammas explored the intricacies in movement and sound through instrument building and performance. Shammas’ Lyraei instrument manifests tensions with electromagnetic pulses that set the strings into continuous oscillation, concluding on the in-betweenness of chaos and order. Nicolina Stylianou’s Inflated Liquidity instrument, explored the infra-structures of sound as an extension of one’s body and movement. Stylianou’s body-sculptures are conceived by negotiating the state where objects are pre-identified and by capturing the machine as a supplement that extends the body’s anatomy, movement and sensations.

Waves, Body, and Disturbing Overtoneschallenged the artists to think how the nuances of sound can become an organism that modifies its environment and itself so as to synthesise unfamiliar ontological and “re-embodied” spatial-boundaries and states of experiencing sound, movement, and the visual.

The event was held at the TMS premises and NIMAC – Theatro Polis OPAP from the 20th until the 29th of July 2022, and it included invited artist talks, workshops, live performances as well as the exhibition of Inflated Liquidity, a body-sculpture instrument developed during Nicolina Stylianou’s residency which was showcased at the exhibition area of TMS.

The event was organised by Nicolina Stylianou and Thinker Maker Space.