I am an artist and independent curator working in the intersection between performance, sound and sculpture. The spectrum of my interest lies in the absurdity of existence and the in-betweenness of bodies, objects, things, spaces, networks and subjects as states of transition, transformation and noise. With the absurdity of existence, I mean the complexity of experiential dilemmas found in moments of encounter that touch upon issues related to values, ideologies, communication, desires, identity and to the ways of being in the world. In part, I materialise the absurdity by creating objects (body-sculptures) and situations (performances, happenings) whose configuration is activated with the use of the human body, and vice versa. I perceive the in-betweenness as noise: a spatial de-objectified body for creation, playfulness, derealisation, and decolonisation. A space that inhabits a space to be and be with, to explore and to connect, to observe and be observed, to perceive and to experience with the body. A body that challenges the human body to think, to create, to decolonise, to resist, to drop and to experience sensuously, not semantically, nor with pre-given structures or ideologies. For me, noise displaces the human body and obliterates spatial-boundaries. I see myself as a conceiver who reveals the above sentiments and as a communicator who composes their complexities revealed in my body-sculptures.

performance, noise, Apollonian and Dionysian, body, sculptures, sound, in-betweenness, mythology, creatures, instrument-building, derealisation, object, materiality, Fluxus, happenings, body-extensions